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The Classroom!

Well I am alive. I’m sorry for the serious abscence the past few weeks. I have been beyond busy moving out of my old apartment and into a new one while setting up my classroom and getting ready for the beginning of school. I was nuts for taking it all on but I did it! Today I am going to show you my wonderful classroom that has been consuming me this past week!

Here’s what I started with…




And here is the end product…


And check out the adorable “supply cake” my sister made…

I LOVE it! It was so much work but definitely worth it. I cannot believe that my kiddos come on Monday. I am so excited!

What’s your favorite part of my classroom?


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7 thoughts on “The Classroom!

  1. You are my favorite part of your classroom. Those kids are going to be so dang lucky to have you to not just teach them, but to be engaged in their lives and love on them!

  2. Amanda . . . I just wanna know where you’re teaching because I wanna teach there, too! That’s an amazingly HUGE classroom! I know your kids will love you! Best of luck your first day!

  3. Karen Crabtree on said:

    Amanda, How lucky for the kids in your classroom that they have a great room and you for their very first teacher. I know this is what God has called you to do! Have a great first day!

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