Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!


Well this week has been crazy due to some new teacher training. I’m gone from my house from 7 am to about 8 pm because of crossfit after. Lets just say if I make it through this…I can survive real teaching. Anywho, here are my eats when I have a marathon long day!

Breakfast at 6:45 am: I had 4 baked egg cups topped with my most favorite salsa. I also had a few banana bites (Similar to banana bread- bananas, coconut flour and eggs are major ingredients) and a side of Kombucha.

Snack at 9:30 am: Really I was dying of boredom so I reached in my bag and grabbed one of these new uber bars from the maker of lara bars. It was tasty and got me through watching paint dry.

Lunch at 12 pm: I had cut up chicken, grass-fed cheese, sliced bell pepper and cherry tomatoes. I dipped the chicken and bell peppers in a homemade dip.

Snack at 4 pm: Yup boredom happened again. I had a bag of grapes and some pistachios.

After the training wasting 8 hours of my life I headed to crossfit where I am happy to report I gained 5 pounds on my backsquat! Remember baby steps. And did some sprints.

Dinner at 8:30 pm: I was tired so threw together a quick meal. In the mix was some leftover meatballs topped with marinara, carrots, snow peas and zucchini.

Snack 9:30 pm: I discovered Justin’s Hazelnut Butter which is um heaven. So I enjoyed a nice bit šŸ™‚

On a side note…I have seen two of the most goregous sunsets the past two days.

What did you eat yesterday?

When was the last time you stopped to enjoy a sunset?


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