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I made it!

Well I am happy to report that I survived my very first week of teaching Kindergarten.


I was nervous and extremely excited. It’s one thing to meet your kids but it is another to be with them for eight hours a day! Luckily, it went a lot smoother than I could have imagined. Of course there were some frustrating times but overall it seems like I have a great group of kiddos.


I have some fantastic supportive people in my life and woke up to these text messages on Monday morning…


So what did I learn after my first week?

1. Teachers work a lot. A lot, a lot.

2. Going to bed at 830 is okay. It’s actually more than okay.

3. I am definitely in the right profession.

4. The five year old brain/perspective is something everyone should strive for.

5. I need nap time during the day too!


If you are a teacher, how did you feel your first week ever went?


The Classroom!

Well I am alive. I’m sorry for the serious abscence the past few weeks. I have been beyond busy moving out of my old apartment and into a new one while setting up my classroom and getting ready for the beginning of school. I was nuts for taking it all on but I did it! Today I am going to show you my wonderful classroom that has been consuming me this past week!

Here’s what I started with…




And here is the end product…


And check out the adorable “supply cake” my sister made…

I LOVE it! It was so much work but definitely worth it. I cannot believe that my kiddos come on Monday. I am so excited!

What’s your favorite part of my classroom?

Kindergarten Kiddos: Part 3

Well its that time again and this time I am going to show the awesomeness of 5 and 6 year olds through pictures…


Kindergarten Kiddos…Part 2

Well I am still alive after about half way of my student teaching. I have been sick a few times but all in all could not be happier. My kids say ridiculous things everyday but sometimes there are some that just stick out. Here are some more…

One of the most ridiculous boys in my class sat next to me on our way to the zoo. I was asking him his favorite animal and he said he could chose because he liked them all. Then I asked him if there were any animals that he didn’t like. His response…monkeys, because they are just too silly.

One of my favorite kiddos always keeps me on my toes. One morning he walked into the room and proceeded to yell that he had a giraffe in his pants and pointed to well you can guess. I told him to please get focused on unpack his backpack. About two hours later after we had been moving around and both me and my cooperating teacher had taught we heard him whisper it to someone at his table again. He said, I have a stuffed giraffe in my pants. My teacher then told him to go to the restroom and remove it. He comes out with I kid you not a two foot tall stuffed animal giraffe. How he got it in there and hid it is beyond me. How we didn’t notice is beyond me. They definitely do not teach you this is class.

While the students were doing work at their tables one girl asked my teacher and I if we had watched the Grammy’s the previous night. My teacher answered that she had watched a little bit and then asked her if she watched them. The student responded yes. My teacher asked her what her favorite performance was and she said in the voice of a 25 year old. “Oh, Adele. I seriously cannot get enough of Rolling in the Deep”.

With March coming we were updating our Birthday calendar. We asked one boy when his birthday was and he said March 3. I looked at our roster and it said March 11. We said…are you sure it’s not the 11th? His response, ” My mom changed it.” No sweetheart not your birthday party but your actual birthday. “Oh yeah thats still on the 11th.”

Kindergarten Kiddos…Part 1

If you don’t know I will graduate in May with a teacher certification. I am currently doing my student teaching in a Kindergarten classroom. I think it is an absolutely awesome feeling loving what you do everyday. Of course, the kids are a handful but I love seeing the awe and shock in their faces everyday. Being surrounded by 22 five and six year olds leads to many funny things. I’ve decided to record some of the funny events so that I can look back and enjoy them. I’ll attempt to do these posts every few weeks (because seriously they say SO much funny stuff).

1. One of the other Kinder teachers was wearing a Texans jersey with her last name on the back. One of her students asked in the most serious tone, “Mrs. ______ YOU play for the Texans?!” Her response of course was no. Then a few minutes later the student asked, “Mrs. ______ does Mr. ______ play for the Texans?!” Again she said no. A few minutes later the same student asked, ” Mrs. _____ does that mean your dad plays for the Texans?!” She finally told the class that you could actually pay money and get your name put on the back of the jersey even if you weren’t on the team.

2. We were doing a fact sheet on Abe Lincoln. The kids had to draw a picture of him and then write 3 facts about him. One of my students wrote the following: 1. He liked school. 2. He liked to read. 3. He was a great LOVER (we think she meant learner or leader).

3. Every day we do writers workshop were the kids have 15-20 minutes to write about specific topics. I go around to different students and work with them and have them read their work and then we edit and talk about what is good and what needs improvement. I went to one student and asked him to read me his story. It read: I went to my friends house. We went in his pool. We were swimming (written SEMEN).

4. I was having a casual conversation with one of my students about how she was so excited that her mom was coming to lunch today. She then said that she hated when her mom traveled for work because she had to stay with her dad and he made her speak spanish. Then she said, “Ms. Crabtree, my dad told me that when he was not a kid but not a grown up, like 21 he got really drunk and got thrown in jail. His parents were really mad at him.”

5. We were doing a phonics lesson and learning about endings on words specifically “s”. We asked for examples of words that changed from the base word to adding an s to the end. The first student said “Well if you had one cat and got another then you would have two cats.” Perfect. Next student: “Well, if you had one stuffed animal octopus and your mom got you another one then you would have two OCTOPUSSES”.

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