Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

I made it!

Well I am happy to report that I survived my very first week of teaching Kindergarten.


I was nervous and extremely excited. It’s one thing to meet your kids but it is another to be with them for eight hours a day! Luckily, it went a lot smoother than I could have imagined. Of course there were some frustrating times but overall it seems like I have a great group of kiddos.


I have some fantastic supportive people in my life and woke up to these text messages on Monday morning…


So what did I learn after my first week?

1. Teachers work a lot. A lot, a lot.

2. Going to bed at 830 is okay. It’s actually more than okay.

3. I am definitely in the right profession.

4. The five year old brain/perspective is something everyone should strive for.

5. I need nap time during the day too!


If you are a teacher, how did you feel your first week ever went?


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