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Bring the Heat Competition

Yesterday I woke up bright and early to head out to Crossfit Katy to get ready for my first Crossfit competition. I was nervous, excited, worried, anxious, ect. It felt like I was back in college about to play the first game of the season. I arrived before the sun even came up and set up my spot, checked in, and chatted it up with the other competitors.

WOD #1 was a 2000 m row. I wasn’t super pumped about this workout because I’m not a big fan of cardio intense workouts but I did have an advantage of being tall in the row. The result : 8:14.

WOD #2 was a floater wod that consisted of 3 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of burpees that required a hand release at the bottom and a side jump over a bar at the top. I hate loathe burpees so I just wanted to keep moving on this workout and suck it up. The result: 29.

WOD #3 was 3 rounds of a 350m run, 12 power cleans at 55 and 12 push press/jerk at 55. This one didn’t seem so bad and the weight was so light for me. But for some reason the combination of the heat and the concrete made this one terribly painful. The result: 7:20ish (I think).

WOD #4 was 2 rounds of 12 front squats at 65, 50 (ish) yds of a farmer carry with a 25 lb dumbell and kettlebell, 16 hurdle jump overs at 21 inches, another 50 (ish) yd farmer carry, 24 dumbell snatched and then a 100 (ish) yd farmer carry back to the start. This by far was my favorite workout. It was fun and much easier to breathe. The result: 7:30ish (I think).

Overall, I finished in the top third of the girls I competed against. The burpees pretty much killed my chance at a top ten finish and the WODS weren’t really up my alley in the terms of being my strengths. However, I am so glad I did the competition and challenged myself yet again. A big thanks to all the folks who came out to support us and a big thanks to Denise for all these wonderful pictures!

When was the last time you competed for something?


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