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Monday Motivation: Like Joshua

This title made me think of the old school movie Like Mike but I kept it anyways?

Today, I start out on a new chapter of my life. I begin training to become a teacher. It’s odd that I have some nerves about this when I have been in a classroom now for the past year. It may be more nerves of excitement because I have worked a while to get to this point.

It was so fitting that yesterday at church we talked about Joshua. The short version of this story is that Joshua was scared to follow God’s plan. The pastor shared a story about when he went to an adventure camp with one of his sons and they had to climb a 50 foot wooden pole and then jump off to a bar seven feet away from the pole. He shared how scared he was. He shared how he was thankful he had someone there on belay (to catch his rope if he fell). He shared that he was glad he had this story of Joshua in his heart.

Let’s face it. We all have things in life that make us nervous, scared, or anxious. I can remember different things in my life such as: certain softball games, the first time I went repelling, going to college, and so on that gave me that knot in my stomach of nerves. I could have not completed the task but I did each one and I am so glad that I did because it made me stronger. It seems like every chapter of our life holds at least one thing that causes us that fear. Luckily, we have Joshua to tell us to:

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid;do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

I am so glad I heard that yesterday. Of course things are scary but remember no matter what you are scared of there is no reason to be scared. So here’s to just conquering another thing in a new chapter of life just like Joshua.

What is something that you were afraid of but conquered lately?


How I’ve Changed

I think it is kind of strange how much you evolve as you age. I have been thinking back on my past and how far I’ve come and it is cool to see the growth. Here are some ways I’ve changed…

1. I used to never snooze. Ever. My alarm went off and out I popped. I always thought it was ridiculously silly to snooze because you could just sleep until the last minute and then wake up. Well, I have no idea what has changed but I snooze everyday now. I’m hoping that it is just a summer thing because I’m not a fan. It really perturbs me that I now have to set my alarm earlier than I plan to wake up so I can lounge in bed.

2. I used to hate sweating. I was actually just telling one of the girls I give pitching lessons to how I got a serious “it is time to grow up” talk from my old pitching coach because I always complained about the heat. I started to laugh because this week I willingly completed a workout in a building with no air conditioning when it was over 100 degrees. Seriously?

3. I used to eat junk all the time. I’ve already talked about this here but when I look at the way I grocery shop, choose and prepare my food I am so proud at how far I have come. I am so thankful that I changed my perspective at a young age so I can treat my body how I should.

4. I used to have to match at all times. I’m going through a stage of cleaning out a bunch of old things from my apartment and I was so so matchy matchy. Now, I hate that because if I find something that I love I want to buy it whether it “matches” or not. Sidenote, I’ve been buying some stuff for my classroom and decided it is so much less of a stress mentally and on my budget if I don’t have to find 14 tubs in teal. I’ll just take the cheaper ones in a rainbow of colors, thanks.

5. Lastly, I never used to read. Now I read blogs all the time and have a stack of books on my nightstand that are needing to be read. I’m really glad I made this change because like my pops always told me…I really can’t be a kindergarten teacher if I don’t like to read.

So there ya have it…I’m the same gal I always have been and will be but it is cool to look back at the changes you have made!

So tell me what’s one way you have changed recently?

Foodie Pen Pal: July

Another month gone! I cannot believe it’s almost August. I have so many exciting things coming up! I received a wonderful package from Angie. I was excited because the package was small so as soon as I pulled it out I was curious what was in it!

Man there were some fabulous things! I got pistachios (which are my favorite nut beside almond butter), Angie’s favorite tea, some always handy lara bars, a pretty cloth flower, and some lip balm. The pistachios were definitely a favorite of mine and Matthew’s. They had the most delicious smokey flavor to them. I miss them dearly! Angie did such a good job of giving me foods I was able to eat! Thank you again Angie.

Want to know exactly what Foodie Pen Pals is?

Here’s a detailed explanation of the program:

-On the 5th of the month, you will receive your penpal pairing via email. It will be your responsibility to contact your penpal and get their mailing address and any other information you might need like allergies or dietary restrictions.
-You will have until the 15th of the month to put your box of goodies in the mail. On the last day of the month, you will post about the goodies you received from your penpal!
-The boxes are to be filled with fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treatsThe spending limit is $15The box must also include something written. This can be anything from a note explaining what’s in the box, to a fun recipe…use your imagination!
-You are responsible for figuring out the best way to ship your items depending on their size and how fragile they are. (Don’t forget about flat rate boxes!)
-Foodie Penpals is open to blog readers as well as bloggers. If you’re a reader and you get paired with a blogger, you can choose to write a short guest post for your penpal to post on their blog about what you received. If two readers are paired together, neither needs to worry about writing a post for that month.
– Foodie Penpals is open to US, Canadian residents & UK residents.  Please note, Canadian Residents will be paired with other Canadians only. We’ve determined things might get too slow and backed up if we’re trying to send foods through customs across the border from US to Canada and vice versa. So, I’m going to keep two separate lists and match US w/ US and Canada w/ Canada!

 If you are interested visit The Lean Green Bean!
Have you ever had any of these products?
What would you mail a Foodie Pen Pal?

The Lion King

Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to go and see the Lion King being performed at the Hobby Center here in Houston. I have seen this show before when I was in New York with my Dad but was so excited to see it again.

First, we took some family pictures…




Then, we headed to our seats…


We got to witness some awesome sights. You can’t take pictures while the show is going on but here are some that I snagged online. I’m just amazed at what costume designers/set designers/directors are able to do with human bodies!

What I learned from seeing the show…

1. I really wish I could sing.

2. Next time I need a PR at crossfit I am listening to Circle of Life before.

3. Hakuna Matata. ALWAYS.

If you are in Houston I HIGHLY recommend checking it out 🙂

Have you ever seen The Lion King or another Broadway show?

Fun Fact Friday


I haven’t done one of these in a while but I’m back on it! So since it’s Friday here’s some fun facts…

1. It’s the last day of my summer job…wahoo!

2. I can’t believe July is almost over! Seriously?!

3. I have six (6!) dozen eggs right now…who does that?

4. I am PUMPED for the Olympics to start.

5. In the next month I move apartments AND move into my classroom. Pray for me.

6. I used to never ever snooze. My alarm went off and out of bed I went. I now snooze every single day!

Have a great weekend!

Why I Crossfit

A lot of you may be aware that the Crossfit Games just concluded this weekend. It is an event that is months in the making. Early in 2012 there is a open in which any athlete can complete the five workouts and post their scores. From there the top sixty athletes in each region move onto the Regionals. Regionals is a weekend long event where the top three athletes continue on. From there the athletes compete in the games for the title of “Fittest on Earth.”


Rewind to last October, I was an ex-collegiate athlete who was unmotivated to workout but hoping to avoid the typical post college weight gain. I saw Crossfit on TV and had a few people mention it to me. After some resistance I finally gave it a try. My first WOD (workout of the day) was 21-15-9 of squats, push-ups and sit-ups with a 250 meter run in the beginning and the end. I was destroyed. I seriously questioned that I used to play a Division I sport. I used to be in shape right? Shockingly enough I went back and realized like many others…I loved crossfit.


I loved it because it was an awesome workout. It was normally quick and to the point. There is a great community. I started looking better physically. But more than all of that I loved/love it because of the challenge. Crossfit has given me more strength than I thought I had inside of me. Yes, I mean physical strength but more than that it has given me a mental strength. Sure, I went through some tough things playing softball but Crossfit has given me the most self-confidence I have ever had. I know I can do anything because of the way I push myself on a daily basis.

Not only has Crossfit given me a better bod (lets be honest…who doesn’t want that?) and allowed me to meet some cool people but it has made me a better person. I am up for any challenge in life and have more mental toughness than I did when I played softball. At times, I wonder what it would have been like if I had found Crossfit while playing softball. I can’t change the past now but I can shape my future by continuing to push myself to grow in mental and physical strength.

If you are stuck in a rut of working out or maybe not working out I would highly reccomend searching for a Crossfit gym/box near you. I stumbled upon an awesome one my first try at Cosmic Crossfit and have got to try some other awesome ones like Lahaina Crossfit, Crossfit 1836 and Crossfit Grafitti. I know it sounds extremely cheesy but it will change your life. It will change your perceptions, your confidence, your body and your priorities. With my whole heart, I believe everyone would benefit from Crossfit.

Have you ever tried or wanted to try Crossfit?

The Deal on Real

So as you may remember it was one of my goals to try Raw milk in June. Raw milk basically comes strait from the farm and isn’t put through all the crap that milk found at the grocery store is. If you’re interested in reading more on raw milk then I would read this post.

I’m a big fan of buying from farmers so I have been buying some meat and eggs from Yonder Way Farms. They also sell Raw milk so I figured I would give it a try. I was so excited when it was ready to pick up. I haven’t had milk in probably close to a year! I got it home and opened it. Smelled it…hoping it wouldn’t turn my stomach and it didn’t. I poured some and holy smokes it was the most glorious thing. Honestly, I know that cow’s milk is meant for baby cows. But I adore the taste of the creamy goodenss. It is pretty pricey at $8 per gallon but if I only get it once a month then I feel like it’s okay. I mean I spend $6 per chocolate bar so really its more bang for my buck!

I am just oh so excited to have milk as an occasional item in my diet. I know its not “technically” paleo but guess what…it is a whole food and that is what I strive for.


If you’re around my area I would highly suggest the farm I got it from. If not I would look on www.realmilk.com. It is illegal in some states but that website can give you all the needed information!

So I’m wondering…

Have you ever tried raw milk?

Better yet…Have you ever even heard of raw milk?

The Simple Things: A to Z

I saw this on two of my favorite blogs out there. So I thought I would follow the trend and list out some of my favorite things…A to Z!

A … Almond butter. Self explanatory.

B… Brother. I am lucky and have one of the best ones around.

C… Chocolate. Again, no needed explanation.

D… Decorating, I love decorating my apartment.

E… Eating delicious food!

F…Family because they are my greatest supporters

G… Guacamole. It’s natures perfect condiment.

H… History. You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you have been.

I…Ignorance. Sometimes I enjoy simply not knowing things.

J… Jesus, he saved my life.

K… Kindness. It makes my day to see/do random acts of kindness

L… Love 🙂

M… Matthew, duh.

N… Nature. God is THE best artist.

O… Oceans, especially in Maui

P… Potatoes, sweet potatoes to be exact.

Q… Quiet time to think.

R… Rest.

S… Spices, they make all food a million times better.

T… Teaching, because kids matter and I can help them.

U… UV rays, tanning makes me utterly relax.

V… Volkswagon, it’s my new ride!

W… Water, I used to dislike it but now I crave it. Nothing better than ice cold water.

X…eXciting adventures. I love going and seeing new places.

Y… Youth, I like being young and going through so many changes.

Z… Zebras. Yeah Zebras.

Choose a letter or a few and tell me some of your favorite things!

Is Perfect Possible?

There has been a lot of talk around the blog world about avoiding perfectionism with your diet. I just recently read this article and this one that discuss this concept of perfect “paleo”. *I use “paleo” because I hate that term…I talk about why here.

As I sit here writing this I feel pretty awful. I ended my Whole30 about a week ago and have ate more Crave cupcakes, macaroons and dark chocolate delicious crap than I would care to own up to. I feel extremely relieved that I notice how bad I feel eating these sub-par foods and realize I need to clean up my act fast (like as in tomorrow) but as I sit here it really doesn’t surprise me that so many people struggle with their weight. Food has an absolute ridiculous grip on everyone  and really can paralyze you into making bad choices.

(Source) No it hasn’t been that bad!

If you are reading this and nodding your head that you have been eating food that makes you feel bloated, tired, unmotivated or just plain awful then realize you can take control of it. If you are reading this and every Sunday you make a plan to start that new diet on Monday than realize you can take control of your eating today. Right now. Don’t spend days, weeks, months or even years feeling miserable. If you have done that then realize it and change it now.


Join me on cleaning up my act and getting back to feeling wonderful. Make a meal plan for the week. Then make a grocery list and stock your house up with good choices. Keep a food journal or tell a friend/family about your eats. Find some healthy blogs to keep you motivated with articles and recipes. Stick to it for a few days and before you know it you will be feeling amazing!

Have you been realizing you need to clean up your act?

What other ways can I help you clean up your eating?

Four for the Fourth

Happy Fourth of July!

Here are four things that make me happy this Fourth of July:

1. I adore having this week of work off. I have been getting things done around the house and  catching up on some relaxation. This is reason number 746 that being a teacher rocks…if I want I can have the WHOLE summer off!

2. I cleaned out my apartment! I have decided to start donating all the stuff I don’t use. It really is nuts how much I have. I’m going to try and do this more often.

3. I got a new car!! Thanks to my lovely parents I got a 2012 Volkswagen Passat. It is black with tan leather interior and I’m in love!

4. I hope you realize how blessed you are today. If you are reading this from the United States of America you live in the best country in the world. We have more than we need or really can use and have safety other countries ache for. Remember that politics/government cannot be perfect but take a moment to realize how blessed we truly are.


I am headed to my parents later this afternoon for a relaxing day of swimming and BBQ! Have a safe day 🙂

What are you doing for the fourth?

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