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How I’ve Changed

I think it is kind of strange how much you evolve as you age. I have been thinking back on my past and how far I’ve come and it is cool to see the growth. Here are some ways I’ve changed…

1. I used to never snooze. Ever. My alarm went off and out I popped. I always thought it was ridiculously silly to snooze because you could just sleep until the last minute and then wake up. Well, I have no idea what has changed but I snooze everyday now. I’m hoping that it is just a summer thing because I’m not a fan. It really perturbs me that I now have to set my alarm earlier than I plan to wake up so I can lounge in bed.

2. I used to hate sweating. I was actually just telling one of the girls I give pitching lessons to how I got a serious “it is time to grow up” talk from my old pitching coach because I always complained about the heat. I started to laugh because this week I willingly completed a workout in a building with no air conditioning when it was over 100 degrees. Seriously?

3. I used to eat junk all the time. I’ve already talked about this here but when I look at the way I grocery shop, choose and prepare my food I am so proud at how far I have come. I am so thankful that I changed my perspective at a young age so I can treat my body how I should.

4. I used to have to match at all times. I’m going through a stage of cleaning out a bunch of old things from my apartment and I was so so matchy matchy. Now, I hate that because if I find something that I love I want to buy it whether it “matches” or not. Sidenote, I’ve been buying some stuff for my classroom and decided it is so much less of a stress mentally and on my budget if I don’t have to find 14 tubs in teal. I’ll just take the cheaper ones in a rainbow of colors, thanks.

5. Lastly, I never used to read. Now I read blogs all the time and have a stack of books on my nightstand that are needing to be read. I’m really glad I made this change because like my pops always told me…I really can’t be a kindergarten teacher if I don’t like to read.

So there ya have it…I’m the same gal I always have been and will be but it is cool to look back at the changes you have made!

So tell me what’s one way you have changed recently?


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