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Crossfit Goals


So apparently I am fired up about crossfit after the Crossfit Games. I made this list of goals a few weeks ago but decided to share it so I can hopefully look back in a few months and check them all off! For me crossfit is about small strides. I don’t expect to see vast improvement in a month but baby steps are heading in the right direction. So what do I hope to be able to do in the next few months…

1. 20 unbroken pull ups…right now I’m at 13. To be honest, I haven’t tried to break that record in quite some time but I’m meaning this goal more for during workouts. I want to consistently do a lot of pull ups together.
2. 50 unbroken double unders…I have seen a HUGE improvement in these in the last few months. Currently, I’m at 24 in a row. Part of my problem…I get so excited when I’m about to beat my record and then end up screwing up. I just have to keep practicing!
3. Suck less at burpees…I hate these with a deep down passion. I doubt I ever rock at these but honestly I just want to not die doing them.
4. Overhead Squat 75…playing softball my whole life my shoulder was extremely overprotected. You would think as a pitcher they would have wanted me to focus on strength surrounding my shoulder but it wasn’t a priority. Now I am paying for that and am slowly building it up. Right now I’m at 55 pounds I believe.
5. Back Squat over 200…I am stuck at 190 and have a mental block. I must get over it.
6. Do a handstand…If you don’t know I’m 6’0 tall. I did gymnastics one time in my life when I was probably five. I’m terrified of being in a handstand position. And I have weak shoulders on top of it. Makes for a fun time.
7. Be able to do a ring dip…See my explanation to number 6.
8. Do full range of snatch and clean with same weight as power snatch/clean…I am decently strong but need to really learn the most efficient form of these movements. I’m getting a lot better but the difference between my full clean/snatch and power clean/snatch need to improve.
9. Get more flexible…because I’m not. This will help tremendously.
10. Compete….I signed up for my first competition on August 11th!
What are some of your fitness goals?

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