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What I Ate Wednesday

It’s been a few weeks since my last What I Ate Wednesday post but I’m back on track!

Wanna know what I ate yesterday…

Breakfast was three egg muffins made with eggs, sausage and cilantro. Simple and easy.

Lunch was a chicken salad made of romaine lettuce, baked chicken, cherry tomatoes and a homemade dressing from It Starts With Food and a nectarine.

After work I may or may not have consumed a delicious dark chocolate bar.

Dinner was Better Butter Chicken with a side of green beans.

What did you eat yesterday?


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4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. Wow that better butter chicken looks so good!!! Is it semi-quick/easy? I admire your muffins for breakfast–I’m such an awful morning person!! I have to grab a shake or yogurt (anything fast so I can sleep lol!)

    • It is pretty quick! I got it from the cookbook Everyday Paleo. I’m all about quick and easy. I would eat junk everyday if I didn’t have a fridge full of easy options šŸ™‚

  2. Sarah on said:

    Just curious, if you’re willing to share- how much do you spend on groceries per week?

    • I typically spend about 120-140 a week. I focus a lot on food quality so my eggs, meats, ect cost more than what some people want to pay. If I wanted/needed to spend less I definitely could! I also cook a handful of meals a week for my boyfriend so I buy more food plus I eat A LOT!

      Hope that helps šŸ™‚

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