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The Deal on Real

So as you may remember it was one of my goals to try Raw milk in June. Raw milk basically comes strait from the farm and isn’t put through all the crap that milk found at the grocery store is. If you’re interested in reading more on raw milk then I would read this post.

I’m a big fan of buying from farmers so I have been buying some meat and eggs from Yonder Way Farms. They also sell Raw milk so I figured I would give it a try. I was so excited when it was ready to pick up. I haven’t had milk in probably close to a year! I got it home and opened it. Smelled it…hoping it wouldn’t turn my stomach and it didn’t. I poured some and holy smokes it was the most glorious thing. Honestly, I know that cow’s milk is meant for baby cows. But I adore the taste of the creamy goodenss. It is pretty pricey at $8 per gallon but if I only get it once a month then I feel like it’s okay. I mean I spend $6 per chocolate bar so really its more bang for my buck!

I am just oh so excited to have milk as an occasional item in my diet. I know its not “technically” paleo but guess what…it is a whole food and that is what I strive for.


If you’re around my area I would highly suggest the farm I got it from. If not I would look on www.realmilk.com. It is illegal in some states but that website can give you all the needed information!

So I’m wondering…

Have you ever tried raw milk?

Better yet…Have you ever even heard of raw milk?


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