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What I’m Reading: It Starts With Food

I have mentioned this book a few times in previous posts especially the recipes but I finally finished reading it (clearly I did not read four book in June) and just have to tell you how awesome this book is.


Dallas and Melissa of Whole9 are some of the coolest people I’ve never met. They seem to be so smart but relatable at the same time. It appears that they have it all together. I doubt that they do but even if you believe they do they still seem like they are on your side of this battle with food. Their book came out in early June and the context blew me away. Lets me break down some of the awesome things in the book:

1. “The food you eat either makes you more healthy or less healthy. Those are your options.”

2.They aren’t Paleo police. I love what they say…” We are far more concerned with health than we are with history.”

3. They are blunt. “It’s not really that radical-unless you consider eating nutrient-dense food radical. Which in today’s microwave-dinner-fast-food-low-fat era, might very well be the case.”

4. They break down science-y stuff really well. Oreos vs. prime rib. Club bouncers and intestenes. Hormonal thermometers.

5. They get that food has a grip on us. “These scientifically designed foods artificially concentrate highly palatable flavors stimulate our pleasure centers with a far bigger hit than we could ever get from nature.” They make you realize that all that crap you have been eating has no “brakes but an emergency ejection seat.”

6. They gave me even more reasons why I don’t eat grains, “There is not a single health-promoting substance present in grains that you can’t also get from vegetables and fruit.” And explained how gluten to a sensative person is like “dropping a nuclear bomb to kill a spider” in your gut.

7. They helped me understand fiber. Because you need grains and beans for fiber right? Wrong. “You could get a nice dose of fiber from beans, [but] it would be like eating a Mound bar to reap the benefits of coconut”

8. They’re making me check my addicition with almond butter…that section broke my heart to read.

9. They lay out priorties when eating this way. Not all of us are made of money.

10. They give a ton of meal ideas. I say ideas because they “teach you how to fish, which means that we’ll give you all the tools you need to comfortably and compentently start cooking and eating according to your new healthy-eating plan.”


So basically…buy the book. It’s informative, funny and packed full of knowledge.

Also Dallas and Melissa have some *FREE* handouts available on the website that are extremely helpful in this healthy eating buisness. I’d highly suggest checking them out.


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