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The Simple Things: A to Z

I saw this on two of my favorite blogs out there. So I thought I would follow the trend and list out some of my favorite things…A to Z!

A … Almond butter. Self explanatory.

B… Brother. I am lucky and have one of the best ones around.

C… Chocolate. Again, no needed explanation.

D… Decorating, I love decorating my apartment.

E… Eating delicious food!

F…Family because they are my greatest supporters

G… Guacamole. It’s natures perfect condiment.

H… History. You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you have been.

I…Ignorance. Sometimes I enjoy simply not knowing things.

J… Jesus, he saved my life.

K… Kindness. It makes my day to see/do random acts of kindness

L… Love πŸ™‚

M… Matthew, duh.

N… Nature. God is THE best artist.

O… Oceans, especially in Maui

P… Potatoes, sweet potatoes to be exact.

Q… Quiet time to think.

R… Rest.

S… Spices, they make all food a million times better.

T… Teaching, because kids matter and I can help them.

U… UV rays, tanning makes me utterly relax.

V… Volkswagon, it’s my new ride!

W… Water, I used to dislike it but now I crave it. Nothing better than ice cold water.

X…eXciting adventures. I love going and seeing new places.

Y… Youth, I like being young and going through so many changes.

Z… Zebras. Yeah Zebras.

Choose a letter or a few and tell me some of your favorite things!


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3 thoughts on “The Simple Things: A to Z

  1. A…Amanda! πŸ™‚

    I second your H, but I find your “I” interesting considering your explanation for “H” ha ha


    Q…quilts – specifically the ones my Grandma made

    C…Cupcakes. I know that goes against everything you believe in with paleo but I’m not going to feel bad about it ha ha

  2. Also, I’m surprised Vera didn’t make the cut for V, but a new car is definitely awesome.

  3. Cupcakes almost made the list because sometimes you just have to live and cupcakes make me feel like I’m living.

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