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Is Perfect Possible?

There has been a lot of talk around the blog world about avoiding perfectionism with your diet. I just recently read this article and this one that discuss this concept of perfect “paleo”. *I use “paleo” because I hate that term…I talk about why here.

As I sit here writing this I feel pretty awful. I ended my Whole30 about a week ago and have ate more Crave cupcakes, macaroons and dark chocolate delicious crap than I would care to own up to. I feel extremely relieved that I notice how bad I feel eating these sub-par foods and realize I need to clean up my act fast (like as in tomorrow) but as I sit here it really doesn’t surprise me that so many people struggle with their weight. Food has an absolute ridiculous grip on everyone  and really can paralyze you into making bad choices.

(Source) No it hasn’t been that bad!

If you are reading this and nodding your head that you have been eating food that makes you feel bloated, tired, unmotivated or just plain awful then realize you can take control of it. If you are reading this and every Sunday you make a plan to start that new diet on Monday than realize you can take control of your eating today. Right now. Don’t spend days, weeks, months or even years feeling miserable. If you have done that then realize it and change it now.


Join me on cleaning up my act and getting back to feeling wonderful. Make a meal plan for the week. Then make a grocery list and stock your house up with good choices. Keep a food journal or tell a friend/family about your eats. Find some healthy blogs to keep you motivated with articles and recipes. Stick to it for a few days and before you know it you will be feeling amazing!

Have you been realizing you need to clean up your act?

What other ways can I help you clean up your eating?


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3 thoughts on “Is Perfect Possible?

  1. I plan out my meals for the week and add spices and condiments to change things up a little bit. The other thing that has worked for me recently is to bag up my food in ziplock bags. It’s already prepared and portioned out for each meal. I can also grab something quick if I need to leave the house so I am never left without a plan.

  2. The only way I can survive the week is to make large batches and eat them through the week. It seriously makes Monday thru Friday so much easier!

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