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Recipe: Easy Red Curry Stir-fry

Do you like easy dinners? I definitely do. A lot of times when I get home I am tired and hungry so I want something quick and delicious. A few weeks ago I started to get a little more adventerous with my cooking. Basically, I don’t have to follow a recipe step by step anymore! I decided to try a combination of meat, veggies and fat and see how it turned out. Well, it rocked so here it is:

Red Curry Stir-Fry


Canned coconut milk (about half of the can)

Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste (1 Tbsp)

Choice of protein (I like chicken thighs but you could do shrimp or other options too)

Mix of vegetables (I like snap peas and red bell peppers in mine)

Red Boat Fish Sauce *optional but awesome (1/4 tsp)

Fresh Basil *optional


1. Heat skillet over medium heat, then add coconut milk.

2. Once coconut milk is bubbling add in curry paste and mix well.

3. Add in choice of protein and let it cook completely. While this is happening chop your vegetables

4. After protein is cooked add in vegetables and let cook until tender

5. Add in fish sauce and basil and serve immediately.


Have you ever had curry?


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