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What I Ate Wednesday

I almost forgot to take pictures but then I remembered…thank goodness. Here’s my eats for yesterday:


Breakfast was a frittata. It had eggs, roasted tomatoes, spinach, onion and italian sausages.

After my WOD I had sweet potato power bars. I actually consumed two of these becuase I was rather hungry.

Lunch was Czech meatballs along with sauteed kale in marinara sauce. I am so pumped to have found a way I really like kale. Why you ask? Because kale has super powers.

I had a interview today so I snacked on some pistachios (I forgot to take a picture but use your imagination).


Dinner was a green curry stir fry. I seriously can’t believe I lived my life not cooking these.

After dinner I celebrated my interview being done with a mix of banana, raisins, almond butter, cinnamon and cocoa powder. Yum.


What is the last thing you celebrated?



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3 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday

  1. What’s in your Sweet Potato power bars? Also, can you give us a stir-fry recipe example? Mine never turn out that great. Thanks! =)

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