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Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

Weekly Meal Plan


Well I survived week one of Whole30 and had some tasty meals last week. I have a good bunch on my plan for this week!

Monday: Coffee/Ancho Chile Ribs which is based on this recipe

Tuesday: Green Curry Stir-fry…last week I made a simliar one and it was so delicious so I’m trying it with a twist!

Wednesday: Meatza! Like pizza but whole30 approved 🙂

Thursday: Steak and grilled vegetables at my parents

Friday: Lemon and Thyme Dover Sole (a type of fish)

 Breakfast is a frittata of course and lunch will be Czech meatballs

 So there you have it. Not anything too crazy just went with some simple go-to meals!

Do you ever make something and want it a few days later because it was so good?

What are you having this week?


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