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Tuesday Tips

When I started this journey over a year ago I was definitely not as successful at maintaining my healthy lifestyle. I found it almost too easy to find an excuse everywhere! The longer I live this way though the easier it becomes and the more ways I find to promote success. This week my tip is for late night eating. All too often I would eat dinner and then find myself wanting something more. Alot of times that meant deserts, deserts, deserts. Well thank goodness during my first Whole30 I had to kick that habit. I had always heard of people saying tea really helps but I hated tea. I remember I tried green tea because it was “healthy” and wanted to gag. Well then I actually looked in the tea aisle and realized, “holy smokes there are about a million different teas!” After searching for one without sugar or stevia and trying about ten different ones I finally found my tea! This tea is seriously exactly what I need after a meal to soothe my soul.

I also love them because each tea bag has awesome sayings on it like this

If you find yourself craving something after dinner try tea!

Do you drink tea now? What flavor do you like?


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