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Weekly Meal Plan


Well I may lose all my readers after this weeks meal plan post. I am starting another Whole30 and although my meals don’t stray much from this now I really have to keep them clean! I also set some goals for June that included a lot more focus on nutrient dense foods, simplicity and taking some risks. So without further ado…

Monday: Simply Shrimp Stirfry with tomatoes and basil (based on another non-paleo recipe I saw but I’m making a few tweaks)

Tuesday: Red Curry Stirfry of chicken, red bell pepper and snap peas(based off a recipe on a coconut milk can)

Wednesday: Crispy Chicken Livers and broccoli

Thursday: Steak and a grilled vegetable at my parents

Friday: Sea Scallops, carrots and broccoli

Breakfast will be a Spinach, Onion, Mushroom Frittata and Lunch will be these Meatballs.

As you can see all the meals are pretty simple and extremely nutrient dense. I am so happy I am becoming a lot more adventerous in what I will eat and am also willing to try to come up with my own recipes. So fun and hopefully so good!

What are you going to eat this week?

Have you ever had Liver? Did you like/dislike it?


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3 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Plan

  1. Have fun with the chicken livers. I hope you like them! I think they’re pretty tasty — and your meal plan for the week looks great. YAY, nutrition density!

  2. Well I picked your recipe because you have yet to let me down so I’m hoping the liver doesn’t fail 🙂

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