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Aloha Hawaii: The Eats

Well this one is going to be a doozie (is that a real word…or even how you spell it?) Nonetheless, I attempted to document majority of my meals while on vacation. Want to know what I ate well then keep reading.

We stayed in a wonderful condo that had a full kitchen. That meant I was a happy lady. We cooked breakfast and lunch at the condo and just went out to dinner.

On the trip over there I packed a decent amount of food to hold me over (you can read about it here) and did get a burrito bowl from Baja Fresh in the LA airport.

When we finally got there the first order of buisness was:

My typical breakfast was 3 fried eggs, sausage, guacamole and mashed sweet potatoes.

Except for the two days I had gluten free pancakes because I was onvacation.

Lunches were pretty basic and easy things to cook. Taco/Mexican ground beef, diced up chicken and carnitas.

Now for the fun part…Dinner!

The first night we ate at the restaurant on the same property as our condo. It was called Duke’s and I had ribs but forgot to take a picture because I hadn’t really decided to take food pictures until after that meal ๐Ÿ™‚

The next night we went to Lahaina Prime Rib and Fish Co. I had some fish that I forgot to write down topped with an orange sauce and steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes that aren’t pictured. (see I hadn’t really decided to be fully committed to the food blogging yet)

The next night we went to Maui Fish and Past Co and I believe I had grilled Mahi Mahi topped with pineapple salsa, some broccolini and gasp white rice!

After that we went to I’0 which is a farm to table restaurant that actually has their own farm on Maui where they grow 90% of their produce. How awesome is that?! I had Monchong with goat cheese fondue sauce and a veggie stirfry.

After that we went to I’os sister restuarant called Pacific’o who shares the same farm. I had grilled Ono on top of a root veggie sautee and arugala topped with a yellow curry sauce.

The next night we went to Bubba Gumps and I had blackened Opa, shrimp and gasp mashed potatoes!

The next day was Kimos. I had ribs with mashed red potatoes.

Merrimans was next. I had herb crusted pink snapper with some fancy sides I don’t even remember. I believe the greens were chard possibly? It was topped with a creamy tomato sauce.

The final night we ate at Mala. I had Onoga topped with pico and sauteed spinach, eggplant and cherry tomatoes along with sweet potatoes.

And now for deserts ๐Ÿ™‚

I had Hawaiin Shave Ice

and even more

Multiply those pictures times about five and you have the actual amount I consumed.

I also had Hula pie which is ice cream goodness (Dad agrees)

We left late one night and landed in LA early the next morning so this was my breakfast I managed.

If you are still reading, Congratulations.

My thoughts about eating on vacation were the follows:

1. Hawaiins care more than mainlanders about food quality

2. Fresh fish is awesome, I love that the fish changed daily because it was what the fishermen brought in.

3. It is okay to live a little on vacation (rice, potatoes, sugar) but stay away from the narly stuff.

4. It’s really not that hard to keep a semi clean eating plan while away. I used to think it was impossible but really I was just lazy.

Now for the best restaurants…

I have a tie between Merrimens, Malas and Pacific’o. All of these were so fresh and loaded with flavor. I also loved that they gave me so many veggies. Each one of these really focused on quality and you could tell.

My least favorite…

Probably Bubba Gumps and the Maui Fish and Pasta Co. There was just nothing special about these plates at all and really the veggie choice was poor.

Do you think its possible to eat clean while on a trip?


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