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Aloha Hawaii: The Reading List

I packed my suitcase full of books and realized half way through my trip that a Kindle is for sure going on my Christmas list. Books are a thing of the past when technology makes life easier.

The first book I read was called Come Home. In this story, a girl who happens to be the ex-step daughter of the main character shows up convinced that her father was murdered. Her now ex-step mother somehow gets involved in this hunt for the truth and through many twists and turns you find out that the fathers life held a lot of secrets. This book kept me turning constantly and quite surprised many times. Definetely a highly reccomended one!

The next book up was Soul Detox. This was written by the pastor of the church I attended my freshman year of college. I have read two of his previous books and really enjoyed his writing style. I was excited to get my hands on this book. In this book, Craig Groeschel looks at some of the toxic influences in our lives as well as the toxic behaviors we do on a daily basis. This book is one that slaps you in the face with things you read. However, Craig is able to do this is such a loving and understanding way that you end the book with a plan of action rather than a feeling of defeat. I have actually already given this book to Matthew to read and have started on another book of his. I pray he continues to write books and feel inspired.

After that I started on the series by Ally Condie. I was browsing around Barnes and Noble and an employee reccomendedMatched to me. Let me tell you what, this book was fabulous. In a short nutshell, this book takes places where a society decided every facet of your life. From what you eat, your job, where you live and who you marry. They are constantly collecting data on you to strengthen you so that the genes and off spring of the society will be the best. In the book the main character Cassia is about to discover her match or future husband. She is then confronted with a big time problem (that I won’t reveal) and struggles the rest of the book to decide whether or not this society is a good thing or bad thing.

Once I finished Matched I started on the sequel, Crossed. This book follows the intense journey of Cassia and the problems she sees in society. She is fighting to decide whether or not to conform to society or fight for what she believes in. I’m not going to give to much away because I really think you should read these :). The third and final book of the series does not come out until Novemember so I am going to have to patiently wait for that!

All in all every book I read on the trip was fantastic. I would reccommend every single one of these books!

Do you like to read on vacation? 

Do you have a e-reader and do you like it?

What are you currently reading?


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3 thoughts on “Aloha Hawaii: The Reading List

  1. As you already know, I love to read on vacation. 🙂

    And, I’m currently reading 10 books for summer term… only 4 of which are actually interesting.

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