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Aloha Hawaii: The packing

On friday I leave for the wonderful island of Maui. I am beyond ready for this trip. This semester has been so crazy and I need some R&R.

Next week my scenary will look a lot like this

I have been to Maui before but normally stayed on a resort. This time my family opted for condos and I am so excited. First, because they look a-mazing. Second, there is a kitchen. Which means I am able to cook at least some of my meals!

As for the packing part of the trip. I feel like I’m an expert at this due to the every other travel for softball. I pack quickly and pretty efficently. So far this is what my suitcase looks like

I have a stockpile of goodies to make the long flight and crappy airport food suffice

And I am the nerd who is bringing my own spices along to make the kitchen that much better

I will take lots of pictures of all kinds of goodies and plan to write a nice post about the trip so that the two readers will know what I did 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Aloha Hawaii: The packing

  1. Have fun…after a long semester I am sure that is exactly what you need.

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