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Balanced Bites Seminar

On Saturday I attended an all day nutrition event. Diane from Balanced Bites and Liz from Cave Girl Eats came to Crossfit West Houston and put on 8 hours of glorious information.

My take-away: the best money I have ever spent.

They break down so much information that its astounding. I would have considered myself pretty well read and knowledgable about the topic but I left feeling SO much more confident.

Here are some of the topics we covered (briefly):

1. How we got to our terrible food of today: This section covered the rapid change in the past 60 years of the food industry. I loved when Diane and Liz said, ” It’s not about  paleo, primal or ancestral. It’s about real food.” Amen. I always struggle with the caveman comparison in paleo. Cavemen could not eat the same foods we do because technology has improved. However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t use technology to help natural food taste better. I loved this section.

2. Fat/Cholesterol: The fats were not new to me but I liked getting the reminder that this should be my focus for health. However, I did feel dumb for thinking it was okay to marinade meat in EVOO and make mayo with crappy Olive Oil. But I learned and know how to make better choices now. I did however learn a TON about cholestrol. I am young so had no idea what were good numbers or what any of it meant. I am so happy that I am armed with knowledge before I get older and have to deal with a doctor who may/may not know.

3. Protein: This was a good review…eat clean sources and make it a priority.

4. Carbs: This was not anything new. I do not miss the heavy carb laden pasta or bread. I realize that fruit and veggies are a better source of these needed nutrients. I did learn that your blood should only have 1 teaspoon of sugar in it at a given time. When you eat a ton of carbs which turn to sugar you are taxing your system beyond belief.

5. Superfoods: I needed to hear this topic. Diane and Liz covered things like priobiotics, Vitamin D, Cod Liver, Nori, Liver, Bone Broth, and butter. I use some of these things but needed the swift kick in the butt to realize these are things I just have to put in my diet. No matter what.

6. Blood Sugar Management: As I was listening to this section I just kept thinking thank goodenss I changed my diet. As Diane and Liz discussed how if you are struggling with this you may be shaky, angry, grumpy before you eat. Um this was me…BIG TIME. I used to be the worst person to be around if I was hungry. Now, I can survive and still be perky. I love having real fuel in my body.

7. Digestion/Gut Health: I had learned a lot of this because I listen to the podcast. I enjoyed the detail the ladies went into about the topic. I truly believe that most people have digestion/gut problems whether they believe it or not. People need to realize that 60-80% of your health is a direct result of your gut health.

8. Cortisol/Sleep: This was another slap in the face section. I have always loved sleeping but sometimes I got lazy about it. I learned that you need to sleep every night from about 10-6. Why? because it aligns your body with the natural rhythm of the day which gives you the most useful sleep. Also, I learned that different times of the night are different recovery periods. From 10-2 is physical recovery and from 2-6 is pyschological. Basically, if you don’t go to sleep until 12 every night there is no way you can expect to heal/recover physically.

The final thing I found really interesting was that the USDA is the organization who creates the food pyramid. Shouldn’t we wonder why the Department of Agriculture has put grains on the bottom. It’s just a guess of mine that it might have something to do with the cheapness/subsidizing of certain crops. But that’s just my two cents 😉

Again, I cannot thank these ladies enough. They have helped me on my journey more than words can say! I would reccommend this to anyone even thinking about it.


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