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Whole 30: Day 30

Well I did it again. Round 3 down. I ended my Whole 30 with some great eats. I plan to allow a little wiggle room the next day or so and the hop right back on the strait and narrow.

Breakfast was Pizza-inspired egg muffins. I’m really proud of myself because I came up with this recipe on my own and they taste awesome!

Mid-morning I had another Fruit bar.

Lunch was cauliflower mash, kale and meatballs

After school I had some more of the pudding

A hardboiled egg, cherry tomatoes and grass-fed cheese

Dinner was amazing and took me 10 minutes to make. Who says you have to have tons of time? I had lemon shrimp, mango gazpacho and a sweet potato.

I’m going to take some time off of photographing every morsel I eat. However I will still be blogging my WIAW posts. Like this one. And throwing in my random posts.

What is a goal you have had recently that you achieved?


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