Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

Whole 30: Day 21

Well another day down! Last week was not the best in terms of eats because of being sick. I am feeling refocused and prepped a weeks worth of yummy food.

For breakfast I had a small helping of Egg Bake Hash

And I also made some bannana/apple/coconut balls. These have clean ingredients and are a nice variety to throw in every now and then. Its amazing to me how sweet fruit is to me now.

Lunch was out with some friends at Lupe Tortilla. I ordered carne asada and ate just meat and guac (I forgot to take a picture…sorry!)

Before church I snagged some cherry tomatoes.

Dinner was lime citrus tilapia, green beans and a salad. I am SO proud of myself for making fish. I have always wrote it off as something I didn’t like but knew the health benefits. I finally gave it a whirl after my brothers urging and actually enjoyed it. I marinated it and cooked it in the skillet. Seriously, it was so so easy. I’m a big fan. Plus Omega 3’s rock. Bonus.

Do you like fish? How do you make it?


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