Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

Whole 30: Day 14 & 15

Whew…sorry for the lack of post yesterday but I have been under the weather. Just to warn you these eats are super boring…


On Sunday I had three fried eggs with guac and salsa

After church I enjoyed an apple and almond butter

At my parents I had a burger sans bun topped with guac, fruit salad and mashed cauliflower

When I got home for dinner I felt pretty awful and had no appetitie so I had a sweet potato and almond butter

This morning I wasn’t hungry at all and that’s how I knew I really was sick


I somehow made it through the school day…In the morning I finally forced myself to eat a lara bar

Then I had 3 hard boiled eggs and carrots with home made ranch (I didn’t end up eating the orange)

For dinner I made some ground beef topped with guac and salsa.

I told you…so boring. For some reason I just have not been hungry at all. I managed to do a mini-cook up tonight so hopefully I am feeling better by tomorrow!



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