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Whole 30: Day 7

One week down! Today was spent being very productive. I did my weekly cook-up, got some vitamin D and enjoyed church. I stumbled upon this picture from Balanced Bites and thought it summed up my opinions pretty well…eating good food is not hard or boring!

For breakfast I had three fried eggs topped wth salsa and guacamole

I kind of nibbled all my goodies that I cooked so I just had a smoothie for lunch. I tried Kefir today. This stuff technically isn’t “Paleo” and not Whole30 approved. It is fermented goat milk. If you want more information on Kefir read this. I have been reading so much on the benefits of fermented food so after trying sauerkraut and hating it I am determined to find something I can incorporate often. You can read about the benefits of probiotics/fermented foods here. I wouldn’t have consumed any dairy on my first Whole30 but I am more than confident that I can handle quality dairy as I have no aversions to it. I want to focus on eating nutrient rich foods that help me be the healthiest person I can be and I believe that grass-fed butter and possibly kefir could be two of those foods. So I am continuing on my Whole30 but including these items.

Before church I grabbed a larabar as we ran out the door.

For dinner I had lemon chicken, green beans, carrots and asparagus…I need to eat this many veggies at every meal!

And to keep going on my fermented food kicks I am currently enjoying some Kombucha. You can read about Kombucha here.

Did you get any good April Fools pranks pulled on you? Here were two that I found funny. One by Nom Nom and one by Ancetralize Me




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