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A Changed Perspective

Years ago when my go to meals were honey bunches of oat, soy protien shakes, doritos, chicken nuggets and milano cookies I thought people who ate healthy starved themselves. I would tell myself that there was NO WAY those people actually liked eating that stuff. You’re telling me you like eating brussel sprouts and zucchini…fat chance. I find that now I have been focusing on healthy foods for the past year or so that I have had a change of heart.


I realize now that our tastebuds are just under appreciated in today’s society. The food industry (and us) think we need to add a ton of CRAP to food in order to make it edible. Pick up any item at the grocery store and just look at the ingredients. Even so called “natrual” food is loaded with junk. Pure junk. Why is it there? Well to make it taste better or so we think.


At the beginning of my switch I will be honest…the food was bland. It was boring. It did not taste good. I missed all the extras. What happened to sugar laden bbq and ketchup sauce. I can’t put cheese on things? No Canola oil mayo. Sour cream is out?How will I survive?!


Let me tell you, I gave it some time. I stuck with it and now I can honestly say I have never appreciated the taste of food more. I now know what real food taste likes. It astounds me how delicious and flavorful different foods can be. Nature has provided us with every taste that we need. We just have to get back to the basics.


If you still think I’m lying here are foods I claimed to HATE before I made the switch. Now I really can’t get enough…


Sweet Potatoes


Almonds/Almond Butter







That’s just the things I can think off of the top of my head. So if you have a desire to make a change for the better of your health I challenge you to try again. Give your tastebuds a chance to adjust. I guarantee you will realize that nature gave us all that we need.


Are there any foods that you thought you hated but have realized you don’t?


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