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Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

What I ate Wednesday

I’ve seen this done on a few blogs and thought it would be fun to do! Every Wednesday I will post what I eat for the day!

If today had a theme it would be eggs. My class went on a field trip to the zoo and with sandwiches out my lunch had to become a little creative.

Breakfast was a onion, spinach, sausage frittata with guacamole on top. This has been a lifesave for me. I make a HUGE batch on Sunday and then just heat and go during the week. This allows me to sleep an extra 15 minutes and yes it is completely worth it.

At the zoo we ate lunch outside and I enjoyed catching some much needed Vitamin D. I had 3 hardboiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, apple and some home made trail mix.

After I got home I was tired and hungry so I ate 2 fried eggs (at least I mixed it up with preparation right?) topped with guacamole and salsa…mmm

Dinner was Ginger Garlic Chicken and a big sweet potatoe with some homemade almond butter. Such a wonderful way to end the day!



If you went on a field trip what would you pack in your lunch?


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