Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

The Day of Love.

Well yesterday was Valentines day which meant Love was in the air. I ate like crap but chunked it up to a bad day every now and then. How did I celebrate my valentines…

First by getting tons of Valentine-y things from my kiddos…Did I eat some of it. Yes, I am guilty. Sometimes I give into temptations. Just sometimes.

My Matthew and I enjoyed a home cooked dinner of breakfast for dinner. We had a spinach, shallot, basil, peppered bacon scramble topped with guac and sweet potato hash. We like to be atypical!

After dinner we enjoyed some home made chocolate covered strawberries while watching Valentines Day because I am THAT cheesy.

We exchanged cards and enjoyed each others company. We kept it low key and like to keep things in perspective like the fact that we should show love 365 days a year not just 1.

Did you do anything special for Valentines Day? What would be your ideal day?


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