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If I wasn’t skinny I would be fat

My whole30 has come to an end and of course that means time for reflection.

This second time around was MUCH easier than the first. I had more kitchen skills, recipes, and knowledge. I settled into my routine quicker than the first time and had zero issues with temptations. Being at a school comes with plenty. Kids always are having birthdays or we are utilizing food in the class. All were easy for me to politely decline.

However, since being off my whole30 I have absolutely no self control. I have discovered that my sweet tooth is more than one tooth and more like a sweet mouth with how much I love all tasty morsels. For some reason it’s easy for me to say no when I’m following a whole30 protocol but so hard for me when I am not. I love that this program has given me such great awareness. Well kind of.

I really understand why America is struggling so much with obesity. We are tempted everyday. I am SO happy that I have developed the will power that I have because in all honesty I would probably not be happy with my body if I allowed myself to cave in every time I wanted a specific type of food. Most people have not developed the self control I have and therefore are living a life dictated by food cravings/wants. Food should be something we utilize to fuel our bodies not plan our happiness around. Take 30 minutes to really observe the commercial on tv or walk into a grocery store and see all the temptation. It’s easy to just given in.

With this new piece of self-awareness I have really decided to take a look at my long term diet. Of course I always eat clean but I really want to break some of the unhealthy crutches I have. Since eating healthy I have transfered some of my food obsessions to “approved” foods. I could eat my weight in dark chocolate, almond butter, sweet potatoes and certain fruits. The common trend between all those is that they appeal to my sweet tooth. They “remind” me of old food loves or help me cope when I just had a rough day and think I deserve things. Therefore, I have decided to do a slightly different version of whole30.

I will use grass-fed butter again because I think it is a great nutritious food and I have no aversions to it. However, I am attempting to remove dark chocolate, almond butter, daily sweet potatoes and most fruits until I can eat them without eating my body weight in them. Are any of those foods bad? No. Is eating two jars of almond butter a week good for me. No. I am excluding dark chocolate and almond butter completely. Because I just need to. I will still eat sweet potatoes but am going to try to limit it to work out days and see how I feel. I also am going to try to slash the amount of fruit I eat. I am not eating any “unhealthy” foods but want to break some bad habits/relationships with food.

Anyone think I’m crazy. Yeah me too. But I think I’m worth it.


I’ll try and post most days of what I eat for all five of you readers!


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