Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

W30: Day 28

Well its gonna be a quick one…


Breakfast was 3 eggs with steak fajita meat and spinach and salsa.

Lunch was a smoothie and some chicken over some spaghetti squash with a dollop of tomato paste

I was out and about so I had a bar that is made up of an apple and pear…it’s a nice thing to have to quick snacks.

Dinner was a smokey lime ribeye steak with guac and roasted carrots and broccoli

And they say this is hard to eat like this?


Somethings make me scratch my head…

I like broccoli year round even though I should eat it when its in season. When its not in season other parts of the world become the main suppliers for broccoli in America. Even though I want broccoli in January does not mean I want them to tell me California is local and like my next door neighbor. Sorry Whole Foods.


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