Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

W30:Day 24

Since today is my marathon day I decided to post early since I packed my dinner…


Breakfast was a 3 egg scramble with onion, spinach and broccoli slaw topped with salsa along with some leftover sweet potato and almond butter.

Lunch was Citrus Carnitas, Roasted broccoli, a little sliced tomato and some applesauce.

After school I ate basically an entire meal (Knowing dinner would be small)…I had 2 sausages, 3 fried eggs, guac, and a sweet potato with coconut butter. Why did I have 2 servings of sweet potatoes today. This is why.

Dinner is a Hot Plate from my new cookbook Well Fed. I made a quick stir fry of chicken, green beans, spaghetti squash and the best stir fry sauce ever.


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