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Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

W30: Day 23

Here’s a quick update…


Breakfast was 3 fried eggs, guac, a little tomato and sweet potato

Lunch was Citrus Carnitas, a big salad and this new bar that I was testing out it was just apple and pear.

After school I had a hard boiled egg, some almond butter and a bowl of tomato soup

Dinner was Bora Bora meatballs, sweet potato with coconut butter and roasted broccoli


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2 thoughts on “W30: Day 23

  1. Chelsey on said:

    Hey Amanda! I love how you’ve planned your weeks in advance and cooked everything…very smart. I’ve been meaning to ask you – where do you buy your coconut butter? I’d like to try some, but I can’t find any! I checked Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods…

  2. I get mine at Whole Foods…Its normally on the same aisle as baking supplies and nut butters. If you don’t know where to look they kind of hide it. I would ask someone because I know for sure that they carry it!

    I have to plan out all my meals or I would starve with my schedule.

    Hope your 30 days is going well 🙂

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