Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

W30: Day 20

Well I’ve finished my second week of student teaching and already am feeling under the weather. Five and six year olds have a nasty habit of being superstars at germ carrying. I’m really hoping to not have to use any medicine because they are not clean whatsoever.  Hopefully a restful weekend will help me feel all better!

Breakfast was a typical scramble with 2 eggs and salsa and guac plus a sweet potato with coconut butter.

Lunch was some leftover chicken and pork with some tomato paste on top, green beans, cherry tomatoes and applesauce.

After school I had a smoothie and some leftover chicken.

I started feeling sickly when I came home so what do sick paleo people eat? The quickest meal ever. Roasted sweet potatoes and 3 fried eggs with guac. I’ve also downed some tea and some warm lemon water.


What are you’re home remedies for when your sick?



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