Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

W30: Day 9

Well Today was spent cooking up a storm! My life is about to get MUCH busier so I know I have to prep on the weekends in order to continue being successful.

For breakfast I had 3 egg scramble with shallots and spinach (I could eat this over and over) some guac and a few cherry tomatoes.

Lunch was The Clothes Make the Girl Citrus Carnitas that were AMAZING. I made a big batch to last as lunch all week long. I also had a sweet potato with some almond butter

I was in a rush and hungry so on the way to workout I ate applesauce…not really ideal but oh well

Dinner was another The Clothes Make the Girl recipe…I’m kinda addicted to her and hope I get her cookbook for my birthday next week. I made an easy chicken curry and ate it on top of spaghetti squash. It was another awesome meal.

After dinner I had some frozen blueberries and coconut butter.

Today was a crazy day in Houston. It absolutely poured and many of the major freeways were under water.

And my last final crazy thing is this that I saw in Walgreens…I mean really?


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2 thoughts on “W30: Day 9

  1. Wheeee! Thanks for the shout outs to my blog! I’m glad you’re enjoying the recipes and that they’re making your Whole30 a little tastier. Happy Whole30-ing to you!

  2. I feel so honored you stopped by! Thank you for making easy, quick but absolutely delish recipes!

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