Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

W30: Day 2

Yay for two days down! I feel like this go around is easier so far. Definetly not having terrible cravings.


Breakfast was a 2 egg scramble with spinach and shallots and home made guac on top

Lunch was leftover steak, guac, BRUSSEL SPROUTS, and sweet potato. I have a confession. I have only ever had brussel sprouts once before in my life and thought they tasted like dirty socks. However, I kept hearing loads of people say they like them so upon some research I prepared them differently. Shockingly, they weren’t too shabby. Are they my favorite? No. But can I add them into my rotation to mix it up you betcha.

I had a small bowl of tomato soup and a few spoonfuls of coconut butter to keep the hunger monster away until dinner.

Dinner was out to eat! Shocking I know. Sometimes now that I have all the knowledge about how restaurants prepare food it is hard for me to enjoy a meal out. But I just have to do my absolute best and hope that is good enough. We went mexican which makes life easier…tons of steak fajita and tons of guac.

Have you ever tried something once and hated it but then tried it again and had a different feeling?


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