Might As Well Dance

Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

I may have lost my mind…

It’s December 31st and I have officially decided to do another whole30 starting tomorrow.

I know I’ve gone off the deep end. I just feel with the way I’ve been eating the past few weeks (really just about twenty pounds of dark chocolate) that its time for me to get back to the strait and narrow. Plus after my last whole30 I had never felt better. Quite a good motivation.

My main reservation about jumping on the bandwagon…my birthday is January 16th. Right in the stupid middle of the thing. But then I realized I could always find an excuse of why now isn’t a good time. Is one birthday not filled with cake going to kill me? Absolutely not.

Especially with such a boring age coming up. I mean who really cares about turning 23? And who knows maybe I’ll sautee some apples and think its apple pie (doubtful).

But before that all starts…I’m going to indulge.

Am I going to eat all those cupcakes…no. I’m gonna force Matthew to consume them with me. Do I feel slightly better that I got myself gluten free ones, yes.

So here’s another 30 days of blogging my every eat. Hope you all enjoy!

Would you ever be able to go through a birthday without the “traditional” birthday foods?


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