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Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

The New Year

I started to title this post new year’s resolutions but 1. that’s really cliche 2. resolutions never last and 3. resolutions mean change and goals just mean accomplishments.

I’ve been reading some blogs and people have posted some of their goals for 2012…I think this is a cool idea so one you know what direction you want your life to take and two so you can look back and see if you reached those goals. Plus I’m strait up addicted to to-do lists so this was just another to-do list in a way.

Goals for 2012:

1. Graduate with a _._ GPA. I know the number in my head but I figure its best to keep all you guessing at my intelligence level.

2. Get a job. This is kind of obvious but hey I think its a great goal. It really is absurd to me that I’m a grown up.

3. Compete in a crossfit competition. Yup I went there. I am completely addicted to this thing called crossfit and want to compete (not super intense-well at least for now).

4. Travel somewhere interesting in the United States…I already have a family vacation to Hawaii (Okay technically in the US) but I want to find somewhere else I haven’t been that is not quite as touristy and explore it.

5. Do another whole30 or two. The last one I did in Sept-Oct seriously made me the most aware consumer I have ever been. I enjoy utilizing my small voice in voting for quality food and want to really focus on it again.

6. Find time to relax. I know this upcoming year is going to be insanely busy. Full time student teacher plus lessons and then to prepping for a class and a full time job. I want to make sure I still enjoy the small things in life.


I of course have smaller goals but these are my major ones for the upcoming year. I hope I can look back in Decemeber of 2012 and realize I acheived them all.


Do you think it would be helpful to really think about your goals for 2012? Have you?


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