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Are you too busy for Christmas?

Well I currently am flying home from the wonderful Seattle, Washington (I literally am on the airplane typing this…awesome). We had an absolutely wonderful time which will be discussed once I upload all my pictures. For now I wanted to write about a topic that we talked about yesterday at church. I think it was literally the perfect timing with the Holidays and whatnot. We talked about being too “busy” for Jesus.

Many of us know the story of Jesus’ birth when Joseph and Mary arrived at the inn to be told there was no room. I know I personally have heard/read this story many times before and always thought, “wow how could that inn keeper turn away a pregnant woman.” Pastor Richard Dalhstrom said it best that we should not judge the inn keeper when how many times do we say there is no room because were simply “too busy”. I cannot tell you how many times I have said well I would read my bible IF I had a few extra minutes or AS SOON AS I finish watching this television show, workout, cook, ect, ect. Too many times we are too busy and claim we have no room either.

I felt that the pastor was speaking directly to me because I am busy but lets face it…we are all busy. What I enjoyed the most is that Pastor Dalhstrom said that all the things we do are not bad. Too many times I’ve heard that we need to give everything else up and put Jesus as a priority. While I completely agree with this, I liked that Pastor Dalhstrom said Christmas parties, surfing the internet, working out, spending time with families are all great things. They turn bad when we become so consumed with them that the real meaning of Christmas is lost.

My goal for the next week is to balance life. Make room in the inn for the real meaning of Christmas. I want to have a “Heart is vacant” sign rather than “Oh too busy with life right now Jesus!”

Do you find that your plate is too full? Even if it’s with good things make sure you allow yourself plenty of room for the best part of the season.


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