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Whole 30: What I learned.

So I know I have been done for a few days but I’ve been really busy and tired so I put this post off.

First off, I cannot believe I did it!  If you would have told me a year ago that I would have gone 30 days with no processed food, sweets, diet coke, or a number of other items I would have laughed in your face. It certainly has been a journey for me to get where I am in my health and eating but I am so glad I am here. If I were eating a Standard American Diet (SAD…ironic right?) and switched into this I would have been MISERABLE so I am glad I had made the steps in the right direction before I started. When I decided to do this challenge I didn’t want to lose weight I just simply wanted to prove that I could do it. Well I did it and I learned some lessons. Boy did I learn lessons…

Lesson 1: Even though I claimed to eat “clean” before my body clearly still had a lot of toxins in it and I fully didn’t feel the effects of my whole30 until about week 3.

Lesson 2: Planning is the pinnacle to your success. I HAD to plan what I was going to eat all day and all week. I am busy, very busy. Sometimes I am gone for 12+ hours in a day so prepping and packing enough food takes work.

Lesson 3: Even normal people have sensitivities. I have an iron rock stomach. I used to be able to drink milk and go run in 100 degrees or eat burger king and go to competitive swim practice. Me sensitive to anything…please. I can tell you for a fact that once I finally listened to my body I have realized I am. There were certain times where I ate too much or ate something and I just felt off. Not awful but not awesome either. It made me much more aware of what fuels me in the right way.

Lesson 4: Eating out is possible, yet hard once you’re aware. I ate out 3 times through my 30 days. Once I had stir-fry, once I had fajitas and once I had a salad. I stayed whole30 compliant but I actually thought about the hidden ingredients in these foods and slightly wished I had cooked instead.

Lesson 5: Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you have the right to consume pounds of it. My addiction during whole30…almond butter. This thing became candy to me. It was always convenient and always made my bad days good. Don’t worry…I’m working on this.

Lesson 6: I’m glad I did this so I realized some foods just aren’t needed. My first thingson this: protein powder. That is long ditched. It’s not food. It’s processed. I’m sold on egg whites in my smoothie (you can’t taste them).  My second thing on this: massive amounts of fruit. I don’t need 14 pieces of fruit a day. Sure sometimes it’s nice to have a lot but survive on something with more substance.

Lesson 7: People stop thinking you’re weird after a while. At first people were in awe that I was doing this but about two weeks into it everyone knew what I could eat and was totally fine abiding by that.

Lesson 8: The food was amazing. ALL THE TIME. I think everyone who freaked out about me doing this just thought of all the boring food I would have to endure. Grilled chicken and broccoli for 30 days, oh my. Well for any of those doubters just go through all my posts and see the variety and yumminess of all the food 🙂

Lesson 9: There is still a lot of learning to do. I am done with my official 30 days and have not had any cheats yet (I am on another paleo challenge currently) but I did make some delicious paleo pancakes this morning (sugar free). I have decided to continue my whole30 of sorts. I have a few more goals in mind such as:

1. No almond butter unless consumed in a smoothie or with an apple (but limit those). Seriously I wrote it on the jar.

2. Eat more veggies. I started off so well on this but drifted back into my convenience rut so I’m on a goal to find a bomb breakfast that includes veggies and still tastes delicious.

3. Don’t let the holidays ruin the work you’ve put in. I hope to have enough self-control to avoid all the awesome treats and feasts coming up. Am I going to eat amazing food…you bet but I am going to eat the best option out there.

So that’s my take from it. I think everyone should do it once because you learn so much and it will change your life. Hope everyone who followed me on this (all 3 people) enjoyed it and don’t worry because I will keep posting stuff 🙂


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One thought on “Whole 30: What I learned.

  1. I am so proud of you!! Way to be strong. You really are my role model when it comes to food and I can’t wait for you to be up here to cook with me and go grocery shopping with me. 🙂

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