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No wonder America is fat…

Every time I watch television or go into a typical grocery store I realize how misguided the typical American is. It really breaks my heart that so many people think they are eating “healthy” and really they just aren’t. It all is because we are so misguided by advertisments. I used to be the exact same way. Now that I read all the time and do my own research and feel confident in the nutrition choices I make.


Today I saw a commercial for a pillsbury instant breakfast of sorts. At first glance I had an ounce of hope. Okay I knew it had cheese and potatoes which I’m not a fan of for more reasons than anyone wants to read but it also claims to have eggs and bacon. This to me is a massive step up from the typical cereal or poptart breakfast majority of Americans have. I hate to break it to them but even “whole grain cereal” is simply just sugar meaning you are starving within an hour after eating it.

Eggs and bacon on the other hand can stick with you for while. So my curiousity got the best of me and I looked up the nutritional profile of this new pillsbury product. My reaction. Disgusted.

SERIOUSLY?! Why do you need that many ingredients. And incase you can’t read them…don’t worry, you couldn’t pronounce half of them.


First lesson learned from this eat real food and don’t trust food producers. I cook breakfast every single morning. Even mornings I wake up at 6 am. Eggs take 5 minutes to cook and keep you feeling SO much better than “whole grain cereal”.

Second lesson learned from this read your labels. Don’t believe claims. Do the research yourself so you eat real food not chemicals.




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