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Whole 30: Day 16

Well today is probably the worst I have done since starting on this. I just didn’t have time today to sit down for my normal meals so I grazed more than I would have liked. Oh p.s. I literally took no pictures today, because I am a failure. I promise to take them tomorrow (because I’m sure the three people reading this really care…not)

Breakfast was a smoothie


Lunch was leftover Red Curry Stew and I finally finished off the batch of homemade applesauce


After class I had an apple and almond butter, 2 eggs with guac and an italian sausage


Later I had some coconut flakes


And finally I had a few slices of applegate turkey with guac and a couple scoops of almond butter.


See what I mean…no real meals and not a lot of veggies. BLAH. I guess one day every two weeks isn’t that bad (when all the food is still squeaky clean)


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One thought on “Whole 30: Day 16

  1. Haha I care really enjoying reading this getting me interested in this whole paleo thing

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