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Some Things I’ve Learned

So I have been eating healthy for a couple of months now but really have started to dive into research and trying things out within the last 6 weeks. I am kind of amazed at how easy and honestly fun the transition has been. Here are some things I have learned since changing my lifestyle to a MUCH healthier one:


1. I can survive without drinking diet coke (I am 3 weeks clean of that stuff!)

2. You’re cravings for bad food actually decrease as all that sugar and crap exits your system.

3. When I do cheat and eat sweets or something bad I savour it and appreciate it so much more than what I used to (and think about putting that food in my mouth a lot more than the past)

4. I actually feel better eating this way.

5. There are WAY more vegetables out there then I was aware of (I just tried eggplant tonight!)

6. Eating out is possible, you just have to think about your choices and not mindlessly order.

7. The key to success is preparation of food.

8. There are a lot of resources out there for people who are willing to make changes.

9. Cooking and creating is fun and can be very relaxing.

10. I really don’t ever want to eat the crap again!


I wish everyone could jump on this bandwagon and find ways to make changes in their life so that their longterm health would vastly improve.


If you are interested in changing here are some of my suggestions to read:

Eat Naked by Margaret Floyd

Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso






All of these are awesome and give a ton of info!



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