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End of An Era

Well this week marks the end of quite an era in my life. Officially the 2011 softball season is complete. This past week the College World Series took place where Arizona State took the title. With the conclusion of this tournament it can be said that I finally am completely done and will never be a student-athlete again. This season had so many ups but also had a few downs. I battled injuries at terrible times, frustration, and ending my career at the place I started my career. Although there were these bad things there so many awesome ones as well. We won Conference USA, made it to post season and went as far as Super Regionals. I had twenty wins on the season, three no hitters, broke the single season and game strikeout record, made 2nd team all conference, and 2nd team all region.

When I look back at this season I do feel a sense of sadness because we fell short of our goals and we were so close. However, I have to keep it in perspective that we proved so many people wrong. I spent the last three years wondering if I was even meant to play Division I softball and really went through times were I completely questioned my abilities. This year though proved that I did belong and that our team did deserve and earn respect.

So softball has officially ended but life will go on. I am glad that I always played softball and did not allow it to define me. I am so proud of the things I went through and the lessons I learned but I also am beyond excited to see the what the future holds.



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