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You Are What You Eat

A few months ago I made a lifestyle change and began to eat healthier. At first it was more of me saying I was going to eat healthier and then the moment we traveled or really wanted something then I gave in and chose a bad option. After some serious motivation (thanks mostly to my brother) I decided I really wanted to stick to it. So my healthy eating began. I won’t lie that at first it was hard, sometimes really hard. However, now it is my routine. It has become for the most part quite easy. I now shop organic, eat minimal processed food and actually eat food that is benefiting my body.

Since I have become more informed and practiced in this lifestyle my eyes have been opened to how awful the food industry in this country is. You can walk into a grocery store and see this first hand. Everything is supposedly “whole grains” or “farm grown” but this couldn’t be more wrong. People in this country wonder why they can’t lose weight and the answer is simple. What we think are healthy foods simply are not. Things like high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and sodium in food are often completely overlooked but those things play a large role in the way your body reacts to the food you eat. People are uneducated in the aspect of healthy lifestyles and the food industry is completely utilizing that knowledge.

I recommend watching a movie known as Food Inc. It is a documentary that discusses some crazy things that our food industry hide from us. I won’t give the movie away but it will MORE than open your eyes to becoming a better consumer. It is quite crazy to think that in a country where people look at a lot of details on most purchases we completely overlook our food purchases which in turn affect how long we live and how good those years actually are.

I have noticed such a difference in the way I feel since changing my habits and think it is completely worth it. I am so happy I have realized this at a young age so that the rest of my life is better but I do hope that others become educated in the manner so the industry can stop using this weakness of ours to make money rather than benefit us.


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