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Because sometimes life gets a little crazy!

The Little Things

Isn’t it crazy how the little things really do matter?

Faith always seems to be similar to that of a roller coaster. At times our faith is on fire and other times it seems so easy to just roll over and ignore the alarm clock on Sunday mornings. Its sad that we chose that life but unfortunately as sinners we will struggle with it for our entire life. Recently, I have been trying to do the little things to gain a closer relationship with Jesus. I find myself always making excuses of why I don’t read my bible or go to bible study and it always goes back to time constraints (or so I claim). Instead of doing these things, I sit on my couch and watch tv, surf on the internet or the even more productive one…sleep. I decided that I was going to change things that required zero effort to see how my life would be affected. My first change was that I bought a new planner with a new bible verse every week. I know that this seems minuscule and almost ridiculous but it can really change a case of the Mondays when you open up your planner to see how much God loves you. The next thing I did was decide to change my radio station of choice to a christian station here in town. I spend at least 30-45 minutes in a car every day so why not fill my head with positive news rather than garbage. The final thing I have attempted is to crack open that bible. I still struggle with this one BUT it is my goal to finish the entire book of Psalms before school gets out ( I want to achieve the goal).

Today was one of those days where all those little things I had been doing hit me like raindrops of blessings. I was driving and heard a handful of my favorite songs on the radio. It got me to thinking about all the times I have gotten in the car after a bad day or gotten in the car on a morning when I did not want to crawl out of bed. When I turned on the radio those days the positive words of that radio station gave me just the hope I needed. If I wouldn’t have had those words who knows how my day would have ended.  I also felt those raindrops of blessings this morning when I opened up my planner to an overwhelming week of homework and traveling for softball to see a bible verse that felt hand selected to me. It just amazes me how God works in mysterious ways.

I really hope I can continue these small changes and even add new ones as these become habits. It does seem to be paying off as these raindrop blessings sure did bless me with a rainbow today.


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One thought on “The Little Things

  1. Great thoughts, girlfriend. The little things really do matter. Eric and I getting rid of cable was a huge improvement for us and I’ve even considered getting rid of Wi-fi to dial down the hours I spend staring into cyberspace. I am so glad that the little changes you are making are making an impact in your life. Keep it up and let me know how it’s going. 🙂

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