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Run to Roar

This weekend I began my senior softball season. There is a lot of joy, relief, happiness that comes over my body when I think of the end of softball but this weekend I have also realized that their is a bit of anxiousness as well. I have played softball since I was able to be signed up. It has made me who I am whether that is for the good or the bad. It has taught me invaluable life lessons and I truly believe it has given me an advantage over the average person. At the age of 22 I have learned more things than someone who has not been in my shoes.

I think back to the good ole days of softball when everything was easy. In high school I simply showed up and somehow managed to be the best. I remember being recruited by some pretty big schools and relishing in the success I had achieved. I went to Oklahoma State and had to learn some pretty tough lessons then came to Houston to just learn more. My college career has been less than pretty and not the easiest of rides, but the lessons I have learned from it have honestly made me a better person.

Today we met with our team sports psychologist. He has an interesting take on the game of softball, sports, and life in general. I enjoy listening to him speak. I find myself completely focused and locked in. My heart beats fast the entire time I am listening to him speak because I see the usefulness of the things he is teaching us. Today we discussed the mentality of “Run to Roar”. He told us that when a group of lions attack a group of gazelles there is great planning and thought that goes into it. The lions circle the gazelles but they place the elder lions on one side of the circle and the young lions on the opposing side. The elders then began to roar and intimidate the gazelles. The gazelles natural response is to run the opposite way of the roar only to find that they are running into the young and agile lions. All the gazelles but one get attacked and killed. The one who made it ran towards the roar and was faster than the elder lions and made it through to live one more day. This illustration is so simple but so true to our everyday life. How often do we run the opposite way from something without realizing that if we would have attacked it head on we more than likely could have beat it. Thanks to softball, whether it be good or bad, I get to learn things like this at a young age.

So here’s to a good softball season, and a life of running to the roar.


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2 thoughts on “Run to Roar

  1. I believe that mentality will definately get you exactly where you want to be in life. God has a path for you and yes sometimes you have to run directly where you are most terrified in order to be where you need to be. I am excited to see where life takes you 🙂

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